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Truth Restored


A Short History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints




Gordon B. Hinckley

Webmaster's Introduction
If you really want to understand what the LDS Church is, you need to understand its history.  While there are several Church History websites, they generally only give a few pieces of the Church History puzzle and are geared towards people already familiar with the basic story.  The Internet is sorely lacking a really good introduction to the history of the LDS Church.  That is the need that this site is intended to fill.

There is no better place to begin your study of Church History than the book Truth Restored, written by Gordon B. Hinckley and published by the church itself.  This small, well-written book is standard issue in the official missionary library and is, in fact, the only book on Church History that missionaries are allowed to read.

The phrase "Truth Restored" is a double-entendre.  It is meant to imply that the story of the LDS Church is the story of the true form of Christianity being re-established on the earth.  But it can also mean something like "truth remodeled" or "truth fixed-up".  This second meaning is quite relevant because one of the most important aspects of Church History is how the church has re-defined itself over time, often re-writing its history in the process. This has lead to an orthodox, sanitized history, of which Truth Restored is a part.  Sanitized history is meant to promote faith, but at least occasionally it leads to a loss of faith when the rest of the story is learned.


Chapter 1, Genesis (1820) by Gordon B. Hinckley: Joseph Smith's background and the First Vision.


Chapter 2, An Angel and a Book (1820-1829) by Gordon B. Hinckley: The discovery and translation of the Book of Mormon


Chapter 3, The Power of God among Men (1829) by Gordon B. Hinckley: The restoration of the priesthood, the witnesses of the golden plates, and the publication of the Book of Mormon.


Chapter 4, The Church Organized (1830) by Gordon B. Hinckley: The first missionary efforts, the name of the church, and the move of the church to Ohio.


Chapter 5, The Church in Ohio (1831 - 1838) by Gordon B. Hinckley: The re-translation of the Bible, prophesy, doctrinal standards, the Kirtland Temple, and the Exodus from Ohio.


Chapter 6, The Church in Missouri (1831 - 1838) by Gordon B. Hinckley: The City of Zion, Mobocracy, a war of extermination.


Chapter 7, Nauvoo, the Beautiful (1839 - 1844) by Gordon B. Hinckley: Building a city and a temple.


Chapter 8, The Martyrs (1842 - 1845) by Gordon B. Hinckley: Enemies from within, the Nauvoo Expositor, the death of Joseph Smith, the rise to power of Brigham Young.


Chapter 9, Exodus (1845 - 1846) by Gordon B. Hinckley: the departure of the Mormons from Nauvoo and the Mormon battalion.


Chapter 10, To the Promised Land (1846 - 1847) by Gordon B. Hinckley: The rest of the journey to Utah.


Chapter 11, Pioneering the Wilderness (1847 - 1852) by Gordon B. Hinckley: The first years in Utah, the California gold rush, the crickets and seagulls.


Chapter 12, Years of Conflict (1852 - 1877) by Gordon B. Hinckley: Missionary work, the Utah War, the death of Brigham Young.


Chapter 13, Years of Endurance (1852 - 1896)by Gordon B. Hinckley:  polygamy is discontinued, the presidencies of John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff, the Salt Lake Temple is completed.


Chapter 14, The Sunshine of Good Will (1898 - 1947) by Gordon B. Hinckley:

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